Mobile devices up, laptops down.

smsinformer_devicesLet’s begin by mentioning that computers, whatever their form is will never go away, however ther is some stiff competition now that mobile devices can substitute on a large amount of tasks what computers can do. On a bigger picture, computers are able to process what all of our mobile devices do. You can go to this website and enjoy the best casino games online! From the content you display on your Tv to the newscast you can display on a smart mirror while you brush your teeth, none of which might require a computer per se, but ultimatelly the processes are being ran on enormus servers park you don’t get to see on a lifetime.

How does this reflect on SMS usage? Well, after phone calls, SMS have proven to be extremelly effective when it comes to delivering a message with a personal touch. This is why it’s one of the largest-growth industries this last year.

Whether it’s used for commercial purposes or just to say hi, make sure you plan a good strategy to turn a simple SMS message into profit.

Marketers Use More SMS

smsinformer1Running a text messaging campaign for your brand would place you in a minority segment of companies doing it. However this is not negative since this is only happening because companies are just starting to do it. According to Chief Marketer, only 20.8% of marketers ran an SMS campaign last year (2012). Considering that this is not a big number, it is a huge difference compared to the percentage of SMS usage on 2011 with only 7%, that my friends represents a 197% increase in just one year.
If you’re planning on running a text campaign make sure to let us know. We can help you plan and execute so you can obtain the best possible results. Let’s face it, this growth rate means if you are waiting for this to be a standard on marketing strategies you will no longer be considered as a pioneer on the usage of SMS.